Monday, May 9, 2011

So Much Art, So Little Refrigerator

On the heals of Mother's Day, I thought that would share a little exchange between Big Z and my wife recently. A few days ago Big Z had commented to his mother that he thought that his little brother had more "art" on our refrigerator then he did. A true statement, but what Big Z wasn't taking into account was that as he gets older he brings home more "real" papers and less and less "art". Little P has been attending pre school this year and bringing home a lot of little pieces of "art" during the week and slowly over taking Big Z's works of art on, the apparently, very coveted front of our refrigerator. His mother explained this to him and Big Z responded by saying that he had in fact brought home some art recently and he would get it for her. The piece of "art" that he brought to her to hang on our home front Louvre was this...

I know, scary right? This lovely piece is actually a little report on Oliver P. Morton that he had illustrated. (Yeah, I didn't know who he was either hence the link.) Creepy as it may look, the picture is very accurate...

Nice interpretation Big Z.

Most people have pictures of rainbows and little houses made of tissue paper and macaroni on their refrigerators. My family has this sour looking fellow. Well who knows, maybe this will scare me away from the fridge when I make a late night snack run. If this works as a diet I will let everyone know so you to can try it and look into the very narrow, grizzled eyes of Mr. Morton when you go foraging for the French onion dip or frozen pizza.

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