Sunday, May 1, 2011

24/7 Dad's One Minute Movie Review: Disney's African Cats

Anyone who knows my family and I knows that we are HUGE Disney fans. Theme parks, TV shows, movies, we are borderline obsessed with all things Disney. I am also a long time student of Disney history. And one of the big things from Disney's past (Walt and the company) was wildlife programing and movies. It was a part of the company that Walt cared so much about that he put one of his blood relatives in charge of it once he became old enough, his nephew Roy Disney. They used to call the films, Disney's True Life Adventures. Most of the programing aired on TV within the old Disney television show called The Wonderful World of Color. Walt was a huge fan of animals and nature and a big reason why most all of his cartoon features leaned so heavily on the animal kingdom for characters, and if they weren't the stars there would always be some animals in the background or part of the plot in some way. Sorry, I tend to ramble like I need medication when I talk about Disney stuff. So, I told you all that, to tell you about this...

Disney's African Cats

Big Z has always been our "animal guy". Dinosaurs, jungle, desert, any type of animal you can think of, he will have you covered. He and I, even when he was Little Z, have always watched animal specials on TV together. And when I say watched, what I really mean is studied. Big Z consumes anything that he can find about animals. So seeing this movie was really a no brainer. Little P also loves animals, but his attention span for any non-animated movie is only about 30 minutes. African Cats clocks in at 1 hour and 45 minutes. So if you have a smaller child, or one with ants in their pants, you might want to skip seeing it in the theater. But do watch it when it comes out on DVD because it is a great story that is easy for kids to follow and it is photographed beautifully. The film follows 2 different cat families over the course of a few years and shows the ways that 2 different breeds of cats raise their young. The story has it's ups and downs, but in true Disney fashion, they handle tragedies in a way that explains the situation without being gory or overly dark. Overall a fantastic film that cries out to be watched of the big screen with it's fantastic visuals and scenery. A film that can be watched by the whole family together with a lot to talk about afterward.

Disney is clearly back in the game of wildlife and nature films with African Cats. And a special thank you to Roy Disney who was really behind this project getting done, and sadly it would be his last, as we lost Roy in 2009. Thanks, Roy.

Big Z gives it 5 stars for animal goodness. Little P gives it 3 stars because it can be a somewhat talky for those with little squirmy butts.

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